The Excalibur range of high performance wear products is designed to protect the high wear areas and impact points of fixed plant and mobile equipment used for highly abrasive tasks such as excavation, milling, dredging and earthmoving.

The Excalibur manufacturing process embeds white iron into a tough steel shell to create different and complex shapes with superior toughness and wear resistance. The products don’t require preheating when welding, are easy to fit, lighter than standard wear products, and have a very high bond integrity.

Giving your plant and mobile equipment a longer life span means less downtime, increased productivity, reduced field maintenance and overall greater profitability.

Our supply chain for Excalibur and other high performance wear products isn’t limited to the products shown here. We can source, manufacture and supply almost any kind high performance wear product. Talk to us about your business, what you need us to provide, and we’ll try to get you the best deal.

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