Wherever you are in the world, and whether you need a ‘coloured’ road surfacing material or a ‘colored’ road surfacing material, we can source it from China.

China has massive industrial capabilities for the manufacturing of any kind of road surfacing material and can produce many to match your preferences in surface appearance, finish and longevity. Talk to us if you’re interested in finding a manufacturer for a customized road surfacing material as we’re able to source these too.

Gain access to any kind of road surfacing material. We have considerable experience and capability in supplying these particular products:


Coloured Road Surfacing Bauxite Aggregate

Access a brand new product, distributed exclusively in the West by Shengli.

Coloured Anti Skid Ceramic Grit

Access long lasting, bright grit with a good gripping surface.

Calcined Bauxite Road Surfacing

Access different sizes of bauxite chip for creating non-slip road surfaces.

Rubber Roundabouts

Rubber roundabouts provide a faster and cheaper option for roundabouts than concrete or asphalt.

Durapave MMA for Road Surfacing

Use Durapave MMA for safety, durability, skid resistance and different coloured road surfaces.

Reflective Glass Beads

Access drop on and intermix glass beads for road marking paint.