Rockon polyurethane tyres are a smart choice for industrial vehicles and machinery. When performance, reliability and cost matter, Rockon tyres deliver. Made from polyurethane, they are superior to rubber tyres for roll resistance, load bearing, durability, damage and chemical resistance, safety and they’re also non-marking.

With a life expectancy as much as 300% of rubber tyres they also increase productivity by extending fuel efficiency, increasing load capacity for incumbent pneumatics, and lowering downtime for maintenance. They cannot be punctured and have rims that are chemically bonded to the tyre preventing them from slipping or disengaging in any way.

Our supply chain for Rockon and other heavy duty tyres isn’t limited to the products shown here. We can source, manufacture and supply almost any kind of tyres for industrial vehicles and machinery. Talk to us about your business, what you need us to provide, and we’ll try to get you the best deal.

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