Our sodium sulphide products are of the highest quality, with iron content ranges from 30ppm to 1200ppm.

Our flake product is made with a low potential for dust and our granulated product significantly lowers the risk to persons (and to the environment), when handling sodium sulphide. 

Our chrome sulphate has excellent basicity and chrome percentage and packaging style is made with users in mind.

Tanning Industry Chemicals

We are always on the lookout for ways to help improve the business performance of our customers. One of the chemicals used by the Tanning industry - for the process of removing hair and bristle from animal skins - is Sodium Sulphide.

This product has many undesirable features associated with its transportation, handling and storage. It is usually supplied in flake form, which is relatively brittle (like small pieces of hard dry soap). With friction, during its manufacture and subsequent transportation, it can form a powder. This powder can become explosive, so it is dangerous to transport and to store. It also is very toxic. The powder (dust) has the potential to enter the atmosphere during handling which is obviously highly undesirable to anyone in the vicinity. So all handling of sodium sulphide requires special attention.

Shengli was determined to improve this situation and worked closely with one of the largest sodium sulphide factories in China to develop sodium sulphide in granulated form. This we now have as a product for virtually the full sodium sulphide range.

By being granulated, the dust problem is eliminated, which is obviously welcomed by all people involved with handling the product, but being granulated also improves commercial performance of the product, because it dissolves into the brew much faster and completely and has other benefits as well. Extended studies are being undertaken at the moment to quantify all the benefits of granulated sodium sulphide compared to sodium sulphide flake.

Once you trial our granulated sodium sulphide, you will soon become totally converted.