We supply the calcium aluminate as clumps or grains, so that dust pollution is greatly reduced. Our pre-fused clinker has a low melting point, meaning quick melting speed, good liquidity, lubrication and high efficiency for desulphurization.

 Calcium aluminate type and chemical composition %:

  • LMS-U
  • CaO - 45 -55%
  • Al2O3 - 35 - 38%
  • SiO2 - 8% max
  • TiO2 - 2.0% max
  • Fe2O3 - 1.5% max
  • MgO - 4-8%

Grain Size: 1-25mm, or as users detailed requirements.

Packing: 25Kg paper bags, pallet, and 1000Kgs bags as users detail requirements

Outline: Pre-fused clinker for refined steel-making

  • Consistent composition.
  • Low melting point, quick melting speed, good liquidity, and lubrication, high efficiency for desulphurization.
  • Melting clinker process is not needed and therefore reduces smelting time.
  • The product is in clumps or grains so that dust pollution in smelting can be greatly reduced.
  • It is mainly used for desulphurization and temperature preservation in high-quality steel-making.

Notes: Prevent from humidity in transportation and storage. Don't mix with other goods.