Gain access to artificial lift systems equipment and components at the best prices. Shengli connects you to a robust, reliable supply chain direct from China manufacturers and delivered worldwide. We supply all standard artificial lift systems equipment such as pumping units, sucker rods, well control equipment and tubing.

If you have specific requirements for your artificial lift systems, we can source custom equipment and parts or manufacture to your specifications. All our equipment is manufactured to Western standards for quality.


Pumping Units

We can supply conventional and unique beam pumping units for reliable performance and easy installation and maintenance.

Sucker Rods

Use the best. We are the preferred supplier to multinational distributors for the full range of sucker rods.

Sucker Rod Pumps

Drive production with sucker rod pumps manufactured by Shengli Oil Field Shengji Petroleum Equipment Co Ltd.

Sucker Rod Guides

We have a range of sucker rod guides including fitted, molded and our own unique high flow rate design.

Tubing and Casing

Choose from our massive range of advanced technology and quality tubing.

Well Control Equipment

We manufacture all types of oil and gas production wellhead assemblies.

Vacuum Tubing

Use vacuum tubing with high heat insulation performance to increase efficiency.


Choose from 30 models of tubing to suit any oil field operation.

Anti-Corrosive Tubing

Choose from our range of high performance, anti-corrosive tubing.

ERW Pipe

Use ERW pipe for high dimensional precision, good flexibility, and impact and explosion resistance.

Composite Pipe

Ask about our range of quality composite pipe used in all oil and gas field operations.

Seamless Casing

Use advanced casing specifically developed for the petroleum industry.