FRP pipe is fiberglass reinforced polymer pipe. It’s also called GRP pipe in many countries. FRP pipe is a lightweight composite product ideally suited to industry and infrastructure where pipes and fittings have to be easy to install and perform to high standards for many years. FRP pipe is also a cost effective alternative to traditional pipes used in infrastructure.

Shengli Xinda, our FRP pipe manufacturers, are located in Dongying China. They have earned an award winning status as major suppliers of FRP pipe to China’s largest oil fields, a substantial production capability for quality FRP pipe and fittings, and prompt delivery times.

Our supply chain for FRP pipe isn't limited to the products shown here, as we can source, manufacture and supply almost any kind of FRP pipe and fittings. Talk to us about your business, what you need us to source, and we’ll try to get you the best deal.

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