Our coloured anti-skid ceramic grit produces a bright, long lasting, high grip surface.

It is ideal for defining lanes and parking areas, without the need of constant maintenance, as the colour will remain vivid for the life of the surface.

The product has a PSV rating of 43 making it suitable for all roads with the exception of high-speed roading.


The material used in the manufacture of the coloured ceramic grit, comprises the following:

  • Feldspar 50%
  • Kaolin 35%
  • Al2O3 10%
  • Clay 3%
  • Pigment for high temperature 2%

Manufacture Process

Components are ground to a 300 mesh, then machine pressed into granules, then fired for 3 hours at 1160°C in a roller way kiln. Once cured the granules are meshed and packed.

Quality Assurance

Our ceramics are supplied assured to be as per samples accepted by our customers. China testing is not necessarily relevant to international uses, so we recommend any required testing be undertaken by customers on samples we supply. Once accepted, we undertake to supply as per accepted samples.

The ceramic grit has a PSV (polished stone value) of 43.

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