Durapave MMA is an advanced high friction road surfacing material combining the best of original road surfacing systems. This product is exclusively available from Shengli. It bonds to the road surface with a strong adhesive made in Britain, allowing for 100% contact between the bauxite surface and vehicle tyres.

Originally developed for pedestrian crossings and bright road markings, it is now being used for wider reaching applications where safety, durability, skid resistance and different coloured roads are required. Durapave MMA provides long-term skid resistance in high traffic zones, can be manufactured in almost any colour and does not lose colour or fade as it ages.

Our supply chain for MMA and other road surfacing materials isn’t limited to the products shown here. We can source, manufacture and supply almost any kind of road surfacing materials. Talk to us about your business, what you need us to source, and we’ll try to get you the best deal.

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