Coloured Bauxite Aggregate - a brand new road surfacing product, available exclusively from Shengli.

  • All the benefits of coloured ceramic grit
  • Never loses the colour as it wears
  • Better product for non-slip surface for roads

One of our many products is bauxite, which has proven extremely popular for adhering to road surfaces while giving exemplary non-slip properties and longevity in situ.

The properties of Bauxite are far from limited with applications in steel making, fire-resistance, cement and bauxite brick manufacturing.

Because of the process we use to colour the bauxite aggregate, allowing pigment to become embedded within each granule, it’s designed to look great even when chipped.

Coloured road surfaces are notorious for quickly losing their colour and wearing out quickly, requiring resurfacing in very short time frames. This obviously brings undesirable liabilities, cost and disruption for road authorities. Surface coated coloured bauxite aggregate possesses the non-skid properties of bauxite, but like other options has a limited time over which it maintains its colour.

Our coloured bauxite aggregate has the non-skid attributes of bauxite, plus it has its colour extending completely through each granule. This gives the product the ability to maintain its original colour for the full extent of the life of the granule.

Our coloured bauxite aggregate is available in a wide range of colours.


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